Introduction to Group Class

New to resistance training? Let us walk you through it, this class is a perfect start to introduce you to the wonders of strength training and a great transition into our FBB class. Our coaches will guide you and educate you on the basics of upper and lower body movements, helping you establish a solid foundation in your journey to a better you.

Functional Body Building Group Class

A 5-course strength meal, where you can enjoy a variety of movements on our menu. From slow paced tempo training and supersets to a range of unilateral and bilateral movements. Our program will give your body the right dose of intensity, just enough to create improvements and not crushing you in the process. P.S the menu changes daily.

Infinity Project

The ‘Infinity Project’ is designed to develop the lower half of your body, primarily the glutes. Challenging your body through a variety of lower body movements. This program is great as a standalone or as a complementary to our flagship FBB Group Class.

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